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Campus Football League

We may be students but not all of us spend our Saturday morning recovering from the previous night. On Saturday 26 May 2007, the special ones among us were making a difference in the lives of 320 school children at the soccer workshop organised by Spur at the NMMU 2nd Avenue campus. As a part of its commitment to the 2010 World Cup and beyond, Spur organised a workshop whereby primary schools were taught various soccer and life skills. This is the second year that this workshop under Spur's "Masidlale" campaign has been run at NMMU and the primary school children were taught good citizenship and sportsmanship as well as soccer skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting.

Spur 2007

Coaching the skills and present at the event were the who's who of NMMU Soccer and the Vodacom CFL- NMMU Men's coach Sizwe, NMMU captain Lonwabo, Vodacom CFL LOC member Dumi and Vodacom CFL superstars Mendu and SK were just some of the competent instructors who gave up their time to be at this event. According to Lonwabo, "This event is exciting for the children and some of them are extremely talented. It's a definitely a day well-spent as we know that we are making a diffrence to the future of soccer in South Africa." The event was also supported by Bay United as their team players interacted with the school children in the afternoon.

On behalf, of the school children - "Thank you NMMU Soccer and Vodacom CFL players!".

Spur 2007