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Spur Game

The morning of Saturday 31 May 2008 presented the second opportunity for NMMU Soccer and Vodacom CFL players to contribute to the future of 392 school children. This was thanks to the annual Spur Masidlale Campaign, which seeks to encourage sport participation and good citizenship among South African children. As such, the Vodacom CFL players attended the event as “life mentors” and “soccer coaches”. The Spur Masidlale is a national campaign held in 12 areas across South Africa and the Port Elizabeth event was held at the NMMU 2nd Avenue campus with the NMMU as a strategic partner.

And so the life mentors taught the children about values such as honesty, responsibility and concern for others while the soccer coaches imparted knowledge on basic soccer skills. It would seem that there are some Vodacom CFL players who do not understand their true calling –some of them really should have considered and chosen a career in education. It’s not easy controlling a group of 20 children or getting them to participate in a discussion on leadership – but the Vodacom CFL players managed it with ease. There are some creative and caring people among us!!

Spur 2008According to Tournament Director, Ms Akhona Totwana, “The Spur Masidlale Challenge is really anopportunity to bring hope and optimism into the lives of these children. There are 392 children here from 20 schools. Most of these children come from communities where poverty and crime are a daily reality. Attending a positive event such as Spur Masidlale is something special for them and hopefully we can teach them the value of being involved in positive activities such as soccer.” Ms Totwana is also the owner of a local woman’s soccer side which competes in the Vodacom League and her involvement in the event highlights the role that soccer clubs can play in local soccer development.

To ensure that the kids will always have a permanent reminder of the Spur Masidlale Campaign and to allow them to practice the skills learnt, every child was given a goodie bag and a soccer ball. This was in addition to the soccer kit that all the children were presented with at the start of the event. Once again, “Well done” Spur and “Thank you” to all those coaches from NMMU Soccer and the Vodacom CFL.