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What is the CFL Memorial Award?

Started in 2008, the CFL Memorial Award was established in remembrance of all players who have passed away while playing in the NMMU Campus Football League (NMMU CFL). This award was initiated after the untimely death of David Mahn, a German exchange student and South West player, in September 2008. The award is thus a fitting tribute to the memories of those whom we lost as they pursued their love of soccer with the rest of the NMMU CFL players.

The CFL Memorial Award seeks to commemmorate the participation of these departed players by making a soccer kit donation to a disadvantaged school.

The name “CFL Memorial Award” is appropriate as it also reflects how former players remember or have “memories” of their participation in the NMMU ABSA CFL. As such, the CFL Memorial Award rewards excellence on the soccer field, encourages the NMMU players to be mindful of societal issues and fosters a spirit of unity through shared experiences and concerns.


2008 kit handover: Tafi (South West), Mr Langeveldt, Mr Mdani (both Walmer High School) & Wayne (South West)

How does it all work?

  1. At the end of every season, the newly-crowned NMMU ABSA Campus Football League champions donate a soccer kit to a disadvantaged school of their choice.
  2. The kit can be donated to any disadavantaged school in the world – as long as the delivery is arranged within the same year and a photo (featuring a CFL player/rep and an official from the school) is taken for marketing and records purposes.
  3. This kit is completely paid for by former players of the NMMU CFL and the awarding of the kit carries no direct cost to the current CFL players, CFL Local Organizing Committee or NMMU Sport Bureau.
  4. While outside bodies may suggest suitable beneficiaries of the kit, the selection of the disadvantaged school remains at the sole discretion of the NMMU CFL champions [as long as they comply with clause (b)].
  5. Mr Zuko Nakasa is responsible for liaising with the former players and the NMMU CFL LOC to ensure that the kit is available by the final game of the CFL season.
  6. The kit has to be donated and cannot be retained by the CFL champions as it does not belong to them. It cannot be used in NMMU CFL competitions nor diverted from the intended recipients for any reason. Any breach of this stipulation will result in the CFL champions being expelled from the following year's competition.

The NMMU ABSA CFL remembers:

David MahnDavid Mahn

Year of participation: 2008
Team: South West
Position: Central Midfield
Academic Profile: German exchange student in the NMMU Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

"I was very saddened when I heard about David's death. He could have come to South Africa and just focused on his studies. Instead, he chose to participate in all that the varsity had to offer and was really a talented player. We are honoured to have known him! (Tatenda Matibiri: 2008 Los Galacticos)

lihleLihle Ntsepe

Years of Participation: 2007 - 2009
Team: Abagxavuli
Position: Defender
Academic Profile: Accounting Honours student

"Lihle was a committed sportsman. Whether at the heart of Abagxavuli's defence or at the base of a scrum in the NMMU Res Rugby League, sport was his passion. We were deeply hurt by his tragic death and hope that there will be more advancements to ensure player safety in rugby matches." (Solomon Mudege, 2009 CFL Committee Member)

Mvuyisi Mditshwa

MvuyisiYears of participation: 2007 - 2009
Team: Bizana
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Academic Profile:

"From his skill as a footballer to the manner in which he promoted fairness in a sometimes tense and aggressive league, Mvuyisi will be missed by all players in the NMMU CFL. We will all remember him fondly".(Zuko Nakasa, 2009 CFL Webamster)