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Campus Football League

Time Field Team A vs Team B Referee
Round 1: Sunday 02 May 2010
09h00 B Angola 2-3 Los Galacticos  
09h00 C Bizana 9-3 Mokorotlo Mthatha
10h30 B Ditsala 1-3 Mthatha  
10h30 C Oceana 1-8 Inter SC Bizana
12h00 B International 1-5 South West  
12h00 C Laboria 6-5 Youthquake  
13h30 B Xanadu 4-2 Letaba Xanadu
Round 2: Saturday 08 May 2010
09h00 B Inter SC 0-3 South West Oceana
09h00 C Angola 1-3 Mokorotlo Mthatha
10h30 B Ditsala 5-0 Oceana Inter SC
10h30 C Bizana 3-3 Mthatha South West
12h00 B Letaba 5-2 Los Galcticos Ditsala
12h00 C Laboria 4-3 Xanadu Bizana
13h30 B Youthquake 5-2 Culture XI Bizana
*The match between International & Youthquake has been postponed to a later date, which will be communicated to the concerned teams.
Round 3: Sunday 09 May 2010
09h00 B Bizana 6-1 Oceana Letaba
09h00 C Mokorotlo 0-3 Letaba South West
10h30 B Ditsala 0-0 South West Oceana
10h30 C Laboria 5-6 Los Galacticos Mokorotlo
12h00 B Mthatha 2-0 Angola Laboria
12h00 C Youthquake 1-4 Inter SC Ditsala
13h30 B Xanadu 9-0 Culture XI  
Round 4: Saturday 15 May 2010
09h00 B Los Galacticos 4-2 Ditsala Youthquake
09h00 C South West 2-3 Xanadu Mthatha
10h30 B Mthatha Legends 2-0 Youthquake Los Galacticos
10h30 C Angola 1-7 Bizana South West
12h00 B Mokorotlo 3-0 Laboria Youthquake
12h00 C Culture XI 4-1 Oceana Angola
13h30 B Letaba 6-3 Inter SC Culture XI
Round 5: Sunday 16 May 2010
09h00 B Ditsala 2-3 Xanadu International
09h00 C Letaba 3-1 South West Los Galacticos
10h30 B Bizana 2-1 South Point Letaba
10h30 C International 3-7 Los Galacticos South West
12h00 B Inter SC 3-1 Culture XI South Point
12h00 C Mthatha 3-1 Laboria International
13h30 B Oceana 0-1 Mokorotlo Laboria
13h30 C Youth Quake 1-3 Angola Inter SC
15h00 B South Point 0-1 International Oceana
Round 6: Sunday 01 August 2010
09h00 B Bizana 2-4 Laboria Mokorotlo
09h00 C Letaba 2-0 South Point Los Galacticos
10h30 B Los Galacticos 5-3 Inter SC Letaba
10h30 C South West 2-0 Oceana Bizana
12h00 B Angola 4-1 Ditsala Oceana
12h00 C Xanadu 2-0 International  
*Youth Quake vs Mokorotlo is postponed to later date.
Round 7: Saturday 07 August 2010
09h00 B Mthatha XI 6-0 Culture XI Youth Quake
09h00 C Angola 0-3 Inter SC Mokorotlo
10h30 B Mokorotlo 4-0 Youth Quake Angola
10h30 C Xanadu 5-2 South Point Culture XI
12h00 B South West 0-2 Laboria Inter SC
12h00 C Letaba 12-0 Oceana Xanadu
13h00 B Bizana 4-0 Ditsala South West
Round 8: Sunday 08 August 2010
09h00 B Mthatha PP Inter SC South West
09h00 C Los Galacticos 2-0 Mokorotlo Bizana
10h30 B South West 0-1 Bizana Los Galacticos
10h30 C Xanadu 2-1 Angola Mthatha
12h00 B Letaba 1-1 Laboria Ditsala
12h00 C South Point 3-1 Youth Quake Xanadu
13h00 B Culture XI 0-3 Ditsala Laboria
    Bizana 2-0 International XI  
Round 9: Monday 09 August 2010
09h00 B Mthatha XI 2-2 South West Ditsala
09h00 C Culture XI 3-11 Angola Los Galacticos
10h30 B Los Galacticos 2-0 Oceana Angola
10h30 C Ditsala 1-2 Mokorotlo Culture XI
12h00 B Bizana 8-0 Youth Quake Xanadu
12h00 C Inter SC 3-3 Xanadu Youth Quake
    Laboria 2-0 International XI  
Round 10: Saturday 14 August 2010
09h00 B Inter SC 1-3 Mthatha Xanadu
09h00 C South Point 0-2 Ditsala Mokorotlo
10h30 B Mokorotlo 2-4 Xanadu Bizana
10h30 C Oceana 2-0 Youth Quake South Point
12h00 B South West 2-0 Culture XI Letaba
12h00 C Los Galacticos 3-3 Bizana Youth Quake
13h30 B Angola 1-1 Laboria Los Galacticos
    Letaba 2-0 International XI  
Round 11: Sunday 15 August 2010
09h00 B Letaba 3-1 Mthatha Inter SC
09h00 C Laboria 3-1 Ditsala South Point
10h30 B Inter SC 2-2 Mokorotlo Mthatha
10h30 C South Point 3-0 Oceana Letaba
12h00 B Los Galacticos 2-0 Youth Qukae South West
12h00 C Bizana 2-0 Culture XI Angola
13h30 B Angola 0-1 South West Culture XI
13h30 C Mthatha 2-0 South Point  
Round 12: Saturday 28 August 2010
09h00 B South West 2-0 Youth Quake Mokorotlo
09h00 C Letaba 2-0 Ditsala South West
10h30 B Mokorotlo 2-0 South Point Los Galacticos
10h30 C Xanadu 6-0 Oceana Ditsala
12h00 B Culture XI 0-2 Laboria  
12h00 C Angola 5-1 South Point Xanadu
13h30 B Inter SC 2-0 International  
Round 13: Sunday 29 August 2010<
09h00 B Los Galacticos 2-0 Culture XI  
09h00 C Mthatha 2-0 Oceana Youth Quake
10h30 B Inter SC 3-4 Laboria Oceana
10h30 C Ditsala PP Youth Quake Mthatha
12h00 B South West 2-1 South Point Laboria
12h00 C Mokorotlo 2-0 International  
13h30 B Xanadu 2-3 Bizana South Point
13h30 C Letaba 3-1 Angola South West
15h00 B Culture XI 0-2 South Point Angola
15h00 C Mthatha 3-4 Los Galacticos  
Round 14: Saturday 04 September 2010
09h00 B Inter SC 3-0 Ditsala Laboria
09h00 C Mthatha 2-1 Mokorotlo Los Galacticos
10h30 B Los Galacticos 9-1 South Point Mthatha
10h30 C Laboria 2-0 Oceana Ditsala
12h00 B Xanadu 15-0 Youth Quake South Point
12h00 C Letaba 2-0 Culture XI  
13h30 B Ditsala 2-0 International  
Round 15: Sunday 05 September 2010
09h00 B South West 1-2 Los Galacticos Inter SC
09h00 C Angola 2-0 International  
10h30 B Bizana 4-3 Inter SC South West
10h30 C Mokorotlo 2-0 Culture XI  
12h00 B Mthatha 2-0 International  
Round 16: Saturday 11 September 2010
09h00 B Mthatha 1-4 Xanadu Mokorotlo
09h00 C Letaba 2-0 Youth Quake Los Galacticos
10h30 B Inter SC 2-0 South Point Letaba
10h30 C Oceana 2-3 Angola Mthatha
12h00 B Mokorotlo 1-3 South West Xanadu
12h00 C Oceana 2-0 International  
Round 17: Sunday 12 September 2010
09h00 B Xanadu 3-3 Los Galacticos Mokorotlo
09h00 C Ditsala 2-0 Youth Quake Bizana
10h30 B Laboria 5-1 South Point Ditsala
10h30 C Culture XI 2-2 International  
12h00 B Letaba 1-5 Bizana South Point
12h00 C Youth Quake 2-0 International