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Campus Football League

Time Field Team A vs Team B Referee
Game 1: Saturday 19 March 2011
09h00 A Bizana 6-1 Vulindlela SV Xanadu
09h00 B Ditsala 8-0 Re-Generation Inter SC
10h30 A Inter SC 3-1 Oceana Vulindlela
10h30 B Laboria 5-3 Xanadu Ditsala
12h00 A Avatar 0-5 Mokorotlo Laboria
12h00 B South Point 1-2 Letaba Avatar
* Inter SC will be deducted 1 point for not refereeing.
Game 2: Monday 21 March 2011
09h00 A Xanadu 3-2 Oceana Letaba
09h00 B Inter SC 5-1 Mokorotlo Bizana
10h30 A Bizana 3-3 Letaba Mokorotlo
10h30 B Avatar 1-1 South Point Oceana
12h00 A Laboria 11-1 Regeneration South Point
12h00 B Ditsala 5-1 Vulindlela SV Avatar
* Letaba and Bizana will be deducted 1 point each for not refereeing.
Game 3: Sunday 27 March 2011
09h00 A SSV 0-2 Letaba Xanadu
09h00 B Los Galacticos 2-1 South Point Ditsala
10h30 A Mokorotlo 1-6 Laboria SSV
10h30 B Ditsala 1-2 Avatar Los Galacticos
12h00 A Xanadu 1-0 Inter SC Laboria
12h00 B Regeneration FC 2-0 Vulindlela SV Avatar
13h30 A Los Galacticos 2-0 SSV Regeneration FC
13h30 B Bizana 5-0 Oceana Vulindlela FC
* Vulindlela FC will forfeit their win against Regeneration as they played a player which was not theirs.
Game 4: Sunday 3 April 2011
09h00 A South West 0-5 Los Galacticos Bizana
09h00 B Xanadu 3-0 Regeneration Inter SC
10h30 A Inter SC 2-0 South Point South West
10h30 B Bizana 1-2 Ditsala Los Galacticos
12h00 A Letaba 1-0 Laboria South Point
12h00 B Mokorotlo 2-0 Vulindlela SV Xanadu
13h30 A Sanlam SV 0-2 Oceana Mokorotlo
13h30 B South West 2-1 Avatar Letaba
Game 5: Sunday 11 April 2011
09h00 A South West 3-5 Mokorotlo Xanadu
09h00 B Letaba 5-1 Oceana Avatar
10h30 A Avatar 1-4 Xanadu South West
10h30 B Los Galacticos 0-1 Inter SC Oceana
12h00 A South Point 4-1 Vulindlela SV Laboria
12h00 B Bizana   Regeneration Ditsala
13h30 A Laboria 2-0 Sanlam SV Regeneration
13h30 B South West 0-5 Ditsala Vulindlela SV
* The match between Bizana and Regeneration will be repeated this Sunday.
* Vulindlela will be deducted 1 point as they refused to ref.
Game 6: Sunday17 April 2011
09h00 A Ditsala 1-5 Inter SC Laboria
09h00 B South Point 2-4 Xanadu Bizana
10h30 A Bizana 3-0 Regeneration Inter SC
10h30 B Laboria 7-1 Oceana South Point
12h00 A Mokorotlo 1-3 Letaba Oceana
12h00 B South West 2-0 Vulindlela Regeneration
13h30 A Avatar 1-7 Los Galacticos Mokorotlo
13h30 B Avatar 2-0 SSV  
Game 7: Sunday 08 May 2011
09h00 A Avatar 1-2 Oceana South West
09h00 B Los Galacticos 2-1 Letaba Ditsala
10h30 A Ditsala 1-4 South Point Avatar
10h30 B South West 3-4 Regeneration Letaba
12h00 A Vulindlela PP Xanadu Los Galacticos
12h00 B Laboria PP Inter SC South Point
13h30 A Mokorotlo 2-2 Bizana Inter SC
13h30 B Bizana 2-0 SSV  
* Letaba will be deducted 1 point as they had only 1 linesman.
Game 8: Sunday 15 May 2011
09h00 A Bizana 0-2 Inter SC Xanadu
09h00 B Laboria 0-2 South Point Mokorotlo
10h30 A Xanadu 3-1 Mokorotlo Bizana
10h30 B Letaba 2-0 South West Laboria
12h00 A Avatar 2-2 Regeneration Letaba
12h00 B Ditsala 0-5 Los Galacticos Oceana
13h30 A Vulindlela PP Oceana  
13h30 B Ditsala 2-0 SSV  
Catch up matches: Saturday 14 May 2011
10h30 A Vulindlela PP Xanadu Bizana
10h30 B Laboria 1-1 Inter SC Letaba
Game 9: Sunday 07 August 2011
09h00 A Inter SC 3-0 Letaba Mokorotlo
09h00 B Xanadu 7-0 Ditsala Regeneration
10h30 A Regeneration 2-2 Mokorotlo Ditsala
10h30 B South Point 2-0 South West Xanadu
12h00 A Bizana 0-6 Los Galacticos Letaba
12h00 B Avatar 0-2 Laboria Inter SC
13h30 A Vulindlela 0-2 Oceana Bizana
13h30 B Vulindlela 0-0 SSV  
* Letaba will be deducetd 1 point for not refereeing the Bizana vs Los Galacticos match.
Game 10: Sunday 21 August 2011
09h00 A Inter SC 3-0 Regeneration Oceana
09h00 B Xanadu 1-2 Los Galacticos Mokorotlo
10h30 A Ditsala 0-7 Laboria Inter SC
10h30 B Oceana 2-2 Mokorotlo Regeneration
12h00 A Letaba 2-0 Vulindlela  
12h00 B South Point 2-0 SSV  
13h30 A Bizana 2-0 South West  
* Avatar is bye.
Game 11: Sunday 28 September 2011
09h00 A Los Galacticos 5-1 Oceana South Point
09h00 B Ditsala 1-6 Letaba Bizana
10h30 A Bizana 4-1 Laboria Oceana
10h30 B Regeneration 3-1 South Point Ditsala
12h00 A Xanadu 2-0 South West  
12h00 B Mokorotlo 2-0 SSV  
13h30 A Avatar 2-0 Vulindlela  
* Inter SC is bye
Game 12: Sunday 04 September 2011
09h00 A Mokorotlo 0-5 South Point Bizana
09h00 B Los Galacticos 5-2 Laboria Xanadu
10h30 A Bizana 1-1 Xanadu Letaba
10h30 B Regeneration 3-1 Oceana Mokorotlo
12h30 A Letaba 2-0 Avatar Laboria
    Inter SC 2-0 Vulindlela  
    Regeneration 2-0 SSV  
    Oceana 2-0 South West  
    Laboria 2-0 Vulindlela  
    Xanadu 2-0 SSV  
    Inter SC 2-0 South West  
    Xanadu 2-0 Vulindlela  
    South West 2-0 SSV  
    Laboria 2-0 South West  
    Inter SC 2-0 SSV  
    Los Galacticos 2-0 Vulindlela  
* South West is bye.
Game 13: Sunday 11 September 2011
09h00 A Regeneration 4-2 Letaba Inter SC
09h00 B South Point 2-2 Bizana Los Galacticos
10h30 A Los Galacticos 1-0 Mokorotlo Letaba
10h30 B Ditsala 2-0 Oceana Regeneration
12h00 A Inter SC 2-0 Avatar  
Game 14: Sunday 17 September 2011
09h00 A Ditsala 3-4 Mokorotlo Xanadu
09h00 B Oceana 0-2 South Point Letaba
10h30 A Regeneration 3-3 Los Galacticos Ditsala
10h30 B Letaba 5-0 Xanadu Oceana
    Avatar 0-2 Bizana  
* Laboria is bye.