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Campus Football League


Time Field Team A vs Team B Referee
09H00 A South Point 1-1 Central Rebels
09H00 B Laboria 3-0 Raiders Unitas
10H30 A Rebels 4-2 Aengus Laboria
10H30 B Unitas 6-0 Kaguta Central
12H00 A Oceana 1-1 NANS SSV
12H00 B Xanadu 7-0 SASCO Letaba
13H30 A Letaba 2-1 Rainbow House NANS
13H30 B SSV 1-1 Klesal Xanadu


Time Field Team A vs Team B Referee
09H00 A Rebels 15-0 Kaguta House
09H00 B Unitas 0-2 Aengus Klesal
10H30 A SSV 4-0 Rainbow House Aengus
10H30 B Letaba 2-0 Klesal Kaguta
12H00 A Laboria 2-4 Central Oceana
12H00 B South Point 3-0 Raiders SASCO
13H30 A Xanadu 1-3 NANS South Point
13H30 B Oceana 6-1 SASCO Raiders

MATCH DAY 3: 10 August

Time Field Team A vs Team B Referee
09H00 A House 0-6 Klesal Laboria
09H00 B SSV 4-1 Letaba Central
10H30 A Central 3-0 Raiders Letaba
10H30 B Laboria 1-3 South Point SSV
12H00 A Aengus 2-0 Kaguta Oceana
12H00 B Unitas 0-6 Rebels Xanadu
13H30 A NANS 6-2 SASCO Aengus
13H30 B Xanadu 4-1 Oceana Kaguta

RADIERS have been disqualified from the tournament after missing two games straight.

Match Day 4: 23 August 2014 

Match No. Time Field Team A vs Team B  
1 10H00 A Xanadu


Central won 2-1 on penalties

2 10H00 B SSV 2-0 Aengus  
3 12H00 A Rebels 3-1 Letaba  
4 12H00 B South Point


Penalty retake to be held on the 13th of september at 09H00


13 September 2014: Semi's and Final

Time Field Team A vs Team B
09H30 A Rebels   Central
09H30 B NANS/South Point   SSV
11H30 B Loser S1   Loser S2
13H30 B Winner S1   Winner S2

Top Goalscorers

Player Name Team Games Played Goals
Iniesta Rebels 4 9
Mjaka-Mjaka SSV 4 7
Onke Rebels 4 6
Messi Aengus 4 4
A.P Rebels 4 3