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Campus Football League

Sports sponsorship has become one of the most effective means for companies to publicise themselves or their services/products to consumers.

The Campus Football League is one such sport-related vehicle which is capable of bringing your company to the attention of potential consumers within the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The CFL can offer your company activities that are exciting and memorable for participants/audiences and provide you with opportunities to build your brand and ultimately improve your corporate image and sales prospects.

CFL Sponsor List:

Student spectators
A sponsor's dream - NMMU sports events offer a captive audience

CFL sponsorships may be in cash or take the form of "in-kind sponsorships". Our current sponsors provide either financial support or football equipment as all or part of their fee for the right to be associated with the CFL.

Potential benefits for your company include:

  • Brand/Corporate awareness: Depending on the level of your support, you can display your brand name and logo on any CFL kit, on the stadium boundary boards, advertise in any CFL event programmes and on any other merchandise.
  • Brand/Corporate image: Through your association with the CFL, you will create a unique corporate personality and style which distinguishes your service/ product from competitors in your business sector.
  • Customer relations: Most students are already using your services and your support in other spheres of their lives will guarantee their continued support of your company.
  • Employee relations: Bring your company soccer team for a sponsored challenge match and we'll make sure that your employees love your company for giving them a chance to play against superstars!.
  • Community relations: Of all the things to sponsor, why not sponsor varsity students who are involved in a popular and healthy pastime! It shows that you care about South Africa's future and are prepared to invest in the welfare of its citizens.

For more details on how your company can get involved in the Campus Football League, please contact Mr Steven Thomas.

Contact information
Mr Steven Thomas
Deputy Director Sport
Tel: 27 41 504 3505