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Campus Football League

Effective passing is a vital for a winning team. Even in social soccer, your players should be able to pass and create space for themselves to receive passes. Based on the 2007 season, I would rank Oceana and Mthatha XI as teams which were good at making the ball work for them through slick passing and also confusing opposing defenders through good movement on the field. Here's a drill which wil assist you in passing and running:


Start with a normal 10m x 10m grid with 3 players in each corner.

Cage 1

In illustration (a) above, Player 1 starts with the ball and passes the ball to Player 2. Player 1 then runs towards Player 2 who plays a quick one-touch pass back to Player 1. Player 1 then passes the ball to Player 2 who is running down the line toward Player 3. As soon as Player 2 receives the second pass from Player 1 he starts this sequence over again by passing to Player 3 and they do the exact same thing.

Cage 2

Once the pattern is understood by all, the skill progresses to illustration (b) and a second ball gets added. In this case at the same time as Player 1 is passing the ball to Player 2, Player 3 is passing the ball to Player 4. This activity will get everyone moving and having to time and pace their passes and runs properly. It is also a great way to start a training session working on passing, movement and combinations.

Disclaimer: The drills explained here will not guarantee the success of your team! Some teams were never meant to win the NMMU Vodacom CFL title - that's what happens when you put your friends in the team and leave the new players on the bench!