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Campus Football League

Last year's CFL champions Los Galacticos only conceded 9 goals in 15 matches and of those 9 goals, 5  goals were conceded in the first game of the season. That impressive record is what saw Los Galacticos centre-back Dennis Nyarunda being named the NMMU Vodacom CFL 2007 Player of the Year. So in order to achieve decent resuts, a team not only needs to be ruthless in attack but also extremely solid at the back. Here's a drill to assist your defenders in their reaction time and movement, especially when intercepting passes:


Start with 3 coaching sticks (or cones) in an equilateral triangle with the sides being 3 metres long. There are 3 players around the triangle (10 yards from the triangle) and one defender who is trying to protect the triangle. The players on the outside are trying to pass the ball through any of the sides of the triangle.

The defender can NOT run through the triangle so she will have to work extremely hard in order to get around the triangle when a ball is passed.


For a "goal" to count it has to be on the ground as the objective here is not to turn it into a shooting contest but rather to force the players on the outside to play quick passes and for the player in the middle to have to keep moving his feet. Each player is the defender for a one minute period and then they rotate.

Disclaimer: The drills explained here will not guarantee the success of your team! Some teams were never meant to win the NMMU Vodacom CFL title - that's what happens when you put your friends in the team and leave the new players on the bench!