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Campus Football League

In the NMMU VOdacom CFL, player mobility and the ability to maintain possession are some of the factors which lead to team success. Players should be able to support each other on the ball as well as ensure that they run into space when they are not on the ball. The successful completion of a pass is not beneficial if the player does not move into a poisition where he himself can receive the ball again after having made the pass.

Mthatha XI are one of the best teams in terms of "player movement" in the NMMU Vodacom CFL. Their players are hard to mark as they are always looking for the ball and setting themselves up so that they can move forward. Not only does this trouble the opposing defenders tactically, it also challenges their opposition's fitness levels as they have to track and keep up with the Mthatha XI players.

Here's one drill which will allow you to develop team movement:


It's suggested that you start off with two lines (4-5 people per line) approximately 20 yards apart. The first person in line A passes the ball to the front of line B and follows the pass and ends up in the back of line B. The first person in line B (Player 1B) starts running toward the ball as if he is going to receive it but instead steps over the ball and quickly goes wide. The second person in line B (Player 2B) plays the ball first time out wide to the 1B who then plays it back to 2B for a wall pass. 2 B then passes the ball towards the front of line A and follows the pass at which time it starts over in the opposite direction. 1B goes to the second spot in line B and becomes the next 2B.

Advanced wall pass

In this small sequence, we have players passing and moving, players dummying balls, showing proper support with angles, proper pacing of passes and actually communicating. With 4 people per line, the players will get plenty of touches and movement.

Other variations you can do with this activity would include overlapping runs (2B overlaps around 1B to get the ball back), double passes (1B could receive the ball from 2B, spin off and get the double pass) - make sure that you adapt the drill to suit your needs.

Disclaimer: The drills explained here will not guarantee the success of your team! Some teams were never meant to win the NMMU Vodacom CFL title - that's what happens when you put your friends in the team and leave the new players on the bench!