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Campus Football League

Admittedly the fitness levels of some players in the NMMU Vodacom CFL leave a lot to be desired. But irrespective of your players' fitness levels, your left- and right-back should not be used merely as defensive players but as attacking options as well. Cafu, Bhasera, Cole, Carnell are all examples of right or left-backs who are good at not only thwarting opposition attacks but also moving upfield with a great amount of purpose and threat. Your own right- and left-backs should be able to overlap and put more pressure on the opposition and a well-hit cross from an overlapping defender has sunk numerous teams in soccer. This is a continuation of the Advanced Wall Pass from last week and here's how you can train your players to effectively overlap:


Start with 4 players in a square with 2 more players in the middle of the square and the rest on each end. As illustrated in (A), the players on the end (Players X) start by playing the ball to the player on the square to his right (in each case, this player to the right is Player A). Player X then overlaps around Player A who makes a one touch pass to the player in the middle (Players C) and Player C returns the ball to Player X for a successful overlap.

Pre run




Player X then plays the ball to the OTHER Player C for a wall pass around Players D who are merely dummies(illustration B). The move should be timed at both ends and there has to be correct foot use and communication. After doing this activity for a few minutes, have the players switch roles so that the dummies can get some work and the players who have been working the hardest can get some rest.

Disclaimer: The drills explained here will not guarantee the success of your team! Some teams were never meant to win the NMMU Vodacom CFL title - that's what happens when you put your friends in the team and leave the new players on the bench!