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Campus Football League

When you play soccer, diski, football (or whatever you call it in your part of the world), you have to have good game-sense and also communicate well. Game-sense refers to an ability to read the game, anticipate what will happen and also create opportunities for yourself to move forward. This means you should call for the ball, move towards the ball when receiving it and also make correct decisions when you are in possession of the ball. Here's how to train all those skills using one drill:


Start with a square shaped grid with a player and a ball on each of the corners.There should be another 4 players in the middle of the grid. The players in the middle of the grid go towards one of the players in the corners who have a ball and call for the ball. The ball is played into the feet of the players calling for the ball and then the ball is played right back to the corner and then the player EXPLODES to another corner to do the same thing.



The balls should be played properly with good pace and the players should communicate ("Ndura", "Ball", "Back" etc). No patterns are used as this will force the players to keep their heads up to see who has a ball and is available. Do this for one minute and then rotate the players

Next get rid of one ball and now the players receive the ball from a person in one corner and with their second touch play the ball to a person in another corner who does NOT have the ball. Now all of a sudden, it becomes important to receive the ball and keep the ball moving. The player has to take a look around before receiving the ball in order to see which corner is open to pass to.


Disclaimer: The drills explained here will not guarantee the success of your team! Some teams were never meant to win the NMMU Vodacom CFL title - that's what happens when you put your friends in the team and leave the new players on the bench!